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Iacopo Pasqui

112 pages
21 x 25 cm
52 pictures
500 copies
Published in june 2016
ISBN: 9788894188202

Sold out

Since February 2015 and for about a year, Iacopo Pasqui started hanging out with and taking pictures of a bunch of teenagers who were born in 1999. Motivated by curiosity towards contemporary social dynamics and by the need to photograph others, he finds in this bunch of young friends a suitable dimension for his work, given the proximity and the generation gap. In the beginning he starts dictated by the prejudice to find in the lives of Alessio, Chicca, Flavio, Francesco, Irene and Rebecca the reflection of the rotten and fallen contemporary society, but in time the author reconsiders his point of view, finding out in the kids’ lives a more ordinary nature that he had expected. This work doesn’t aim at visually amazing his public, but it aims at being a research about the poetry and the purity of this age, about the innocence of these kids, and about their way to be, deep down, still children. It aims at revealing a reality that is complicated, but at the same time so normal to seems light years away from its surroundings. "