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Witty Books is an independent publishing house that aims to promote contemporary photography and visual arts. Was founded in 2012 with the name of Witty Kiwi by Tommaso Parrillo.

We focus on the publication of books as an object and as a research space, working closely with artists and designers.
We strongly believe in the dialogue between the different arts, so we have created the Ear/Eye project.
In addition, Witty Books project doesn’t stop at the publication of books, we focus a lot on the education of
the images, discover our teaching activity.

We are based in Italy, in Torino, in Via Galliari 16A, come to our studio and say ciao.

︎ Contact
Write us at info@witty-books.com. 
For any type of contact, retail outlets and bookstores; submission, collaboration proposals, or just say ciao.

︎ Bookstores
You can find our books in different bookstores all over the world, here you can consult the map.

︎ News
We also participate in the main international fairs and festivals, follow on Instagram to stay updated.

︎ Submission
Feel free to submit your project with a PDF via email, we are always pleased to see new projects, we receive a lot of submissions and unfortunately we are able to reply only to successful ones. If we do not answer you it is not a lack of respect, but since we are a small reality we cannot give individual feedback for each project received.

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