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Uta Genilke

88 Pages / 23x32 cm
500 copies / Soft cover
Design by Giulia Boccarossa
With the support of FOLIO, a masterclass by PhMuseum
Published in September 2023
ISBN 979-12-80177-33-9

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Recently I discovered an old folder with many handwritten pages, they were all dreams that I had written down in 1985 because they seemed important to me. At that point I had just lost my first great love in a car accident and had withdrawn from the world, living in my small apartment like in a dark cave, avoiding contact with other people, the television on for hours until the end of broadcasting. I was very afraid to fall asleep because then the dreams came, the nightmares, in which a white Mercedes Benz was slowly chasing me down a lonely country road, or I heard a voice from a ditch, from a crashed car, it was him calling for help, but I suspected he was just trying to lure and capture me.
After some months I started to look forward to it, I learned that I could control my dreams, my boyfriend seemed to be stuck in a kind of in-between world, I could meet him there at night if I wanted. REPLIKANT shows my nocturnal adventures from this time. When I went out one winter evening and met a new man, my dreams disappeared, and I never saw my lover again.

Land Loss

Max Miechowski

24x29.5 cm 
96 pages
500 copies  
Soft cover / Swiss binding
Text by Daisy Hildyard
Design by Nicolas Polli
Published in October 2023
ISBN: 979-12-80177-30-8

38€ 35€
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Expected shipment middle October

Max Miechowski’s Land Loss follows the artist’s deep interest in the British landscape, exploring themes of time, community and resilience. These absorbing portraits, landscapes and delicate details are captured with Miechowski’s characteristic sensitivity, presenting a quiet space of contemplation. In the work, natural cycles and geological erosion act as gentle and sometimes abrupt reminders of loss and impermanence. As Miechowski learns by observing this seaside community, “we too are as temporary as the cliffs”. At a time of social and ecological upheaval, Land Loss reconnects us to the environment, and creates an extended metaphor where great uncertainty, compassion and care is carried by the landscape. Recalling his experience of visiting, photographing and witnessing this changing community.


Zoe Natale Mannella

22x32 cm / 52 pages
Limited edition of 200 copies  
PVC cover / Unbound with string
Design by Tommaso Parrillo
Published in July 2023
ISBN: 979-12-80177-29-2

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Taxídi is the Greek word for ‘trip’; it represents my personal journey through women’s bodies and expression. the spontaneousness of nudity, the joy of sharing our own beauty. It felt like an epiphany.

I Am Not a Robot

Andrea Alessandrini

16.8x20.5 cm / 264 pages
500 copies / Soft cover 
Design by Antonio M.Xoubanova & David Mozzetta
Published in June 2023
ISBN: 979-12-80177-27-8

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Yin and yang, black and white, 0 and 1 are the symbols behind it all.
Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz came to this conclusion around the year 1700, when he found validation for his ideas in the hexagrams of the Book of Changes, written in China six and a half centuries earlier.
In 1854, the fundamentals of Boolean algebra (by which 0 is false and 1 is true) were published by George Boole.
In 1949, Boolean logic was adopted by Claude Shannon to explain the functioning of electrical, then electronic and computer circuits.
In 1950 Alan Turing identified a principle to determine whether a machine is able to show “intelligent” behavior. He assumed that by the year 2000 this would have happened.
Today ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence software developed by OpenAI, uses neural networks to recognize a written text, and is able to learn without human supervision.
And to pass the national admission test to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.
I Am Not A Robot is a notebook in which computer science and photography touch each other and sometimes meet.
I Am Not A Robot is a Turing test to distinguish humans from computers.

Anatomy of an Oyster

Rita Puig–Serra

23x28 cm / 144 pages
500 copies / Soft cover with dust jacket
Design by Ana Domínguez Studio
Published in July 2023
ISBN: 979-12-80177-28-5

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Mother-of-pearl, which will in time become the pearl, begins to form when a foreign element is introduced into the oyster. Anatomy of an Oyster is a journey into the past – a path backwards to revisit places from the author’s childhood that help contextualise her present. It traces a story of violence, revision and integration from the abuses she suffered in her family as a child. It is, above all, an attempt to tell what needs to be told; a way of telling what could never be revealed to a now absent mother. And, at the same time, a way of telling it to herself. In this descent into the depths of remoteness, images and texts of the pearl-forming process accompany both new and archival photos, as well as short notes that capture her emotional, bodily and family memory. The pearl, which is an oyster’s autobiography, is the result of this exploration: a search carried out to find it, assimilate it, and finally remove it.

Velvet eyes