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Zoé Chauvet

24x 32 cm / 60 pages / soft cover
Design by Aurora Saita and Tommaso Parrillo
Published in May 2023
ISBN 979-12-80177-23-0

Altær is a publication that combine a book by Zoé Chauvet and a music cassette by Talita Otović.
Winner of the Ear/eye award 2022
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€20  (book + cassette)
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Alta(e)r was born from the will to make the portrait of people questioning their gender and their relationship to identity. On this path, my friends and my encounters have gradually turned into a transformed into a sensitive archive intended to (re)give importance to the fluidity of bodies the fluidity of bodies and their stories. The photographic image is thus transformed into an artetact and an object of memory.
This proposal temporarily crystallizes the stories in margin, locates them, makes them live again. It rewrites history, makes memories, fills in the gaps, creating new narratives, as well as new narratives, as well as the impulse to think alternative futures. It is a fiction to think elsewhere, to repair itself, to convene other imaginary.
These numerous portraits are confronted with fragments of landscape insolated on on photosensitive paper that stand here like lost memories that could have taken place which could have taken place anywhere in time. The luminogram offers a creative framework insofar as it also lends itself to deconstruction and and abandonment, which allows the intertwining of these contradictory conditions of creativity to generate new and spontaneous forms of representation.
Alta(e)r is an attempt to consider each piece of life as an archive that we create now. archive that we create now. In this project, bodies are seen as architecture that builds the limit of an intangible reality, which always disappears. always disappearing. Alter represents the mutation of bodies and minds, the reflection of ourselves in others. Altar is a mystical place of illumination and of sacrifice. The two blend together to create Alta(e)r. A sensitive and immersive map that welcomes deviance as something sacred, touched by the light.