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B to B

Brenda Moreno

17 x 21, 5 cm 
88 pages
soft cover 
900 copies
Design by Paolo Berra
Pre-press by La Troupe
Text by Carmen Dalmau
Published in February 2017
ISBN 9788894188226

︎ €25 €15
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"It is a cyclical journey. I talk about my family and the one that biologically is not, but that I consider as such. I explore the roles we play in our emotional relationships, as well as the shelter and support we find in them.
I reflect on memory, the similarity in our patterns of behavior and what we reflect on the other. Also about the passage of time, the dreams and experiences that build our identity.

B to B began with a portrait of my grandfather that my grandmother kept in her wallet, whose dedication reads like this: "When you are sad, look at it and think that I am with you".
In that sense, the power that encloses an image to evoke memories allows me to explore my own identity.
And in this exploration the horse, which I consider to be a member of my family, serves as a bridge between the different characters in the project, ymbolizing the vital force between our unconscious desires that we master and our own human nature."

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