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Beast by the waterful guesthouse

Wenxin Zhang

76 pages
31 photos
4 texts
15 X 24 cm
Limited edition of 250 copies
Hard-cover / Handmade book jacket
Foreword by Timothy Leonido
Published in november 2015

Sold Out

"Beast Guesthouse is a non-linear short visual story discusses the loss and rediscovery of estrangement and desire.
I used fantasized the world as a sleeping beast, who was gigantic, bizarre, and quiet. I was able to imagine it as my secret friend, regardless of its wishes. The silence of the beast was an umbrella, shielding off most truths of the world. Everywhere was but a strange land waiting to be explored and discovered.
Once I was able to fend myself, the world changed, from a given and relatively static universe, to an ever-moving, progressing ribbon that needed to be pursued. For me, this caused the loss of one dimension.
To find my lost dimension back, I escaped from my routine life and started my trip of getting lost. I went travelling in the mountains, forest and people’s houses, where I encountered strangers, animals and waterfalls. In the photographs, the visual difference between animal and human body is blurred, as well as the senses of space and time."