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IRL Corps

Vincent Ferrané

60 pages
22x32 cm
Soft cover / Singer binding
Design by Tommaso Parrillo
Text by Jos Auzende
in collaboration with  Cnap & Destin Sensible gallery
Published May 2024
ISBN: 979-12-80177-40-7

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In the era of social networks, insatiable kings of our connected lives, encouraging self-disclosure and selfie culture, Vincent Ferrané's photographic series "IRL Corps " presents the individualized and embodied body in everyday reality ("In Real Life") where it takes on a political dimension by challenging society through the dissemination of its image on digital media. Rather than a grand narrative, the image producer engages in conversation with nine people with vibrant sensitivities who bare themselves, revealing their openness to the world as much as an initiation into being: between universality and specificity, Aimé, David, Hosanna, Manouchka, Moon, Niamh, Nicky, Violette, and Zoé have turned their bodies into screens and their digital networks into modes of writing and exploration, sometimes serving as a Safe Place, an Icon, or a Trojan Horse. Their utopian seclusion celebrates differences, intimacy, non-conformity, and dreams of large-scale inclusion in a relationship of immediacy. By reversing the roles of the perceiving subject and the perceived world, the experience of "Corps IRL" invites us to see through them, according to them. Through a questionnaire echoing their images the interpreters of " IRL Corps " reveal certain aspects of their personality, their tastes and personal preferences to describe themselves succinctly.