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Massao Mascaro

80  Pages / 20 x 25 cm
Japanese binding
Silkscreen on PVC dust jacket
500 copies 
Design by Björn Schmidt
published in june 2019
ISBN 978-88-944340-3-3
coedition with L’éditeur du dimanche
with support from Fondation A Stichting

Sold out

A garden is an enclosed space. A garden needs a frame if it is to be called a garden.
The garden is the moment when a place becomes a landscape.
The garden, or the orchard, is the germ of the settlement, the village, the town, the city and the nation.
The garden, we might be inclined to say, is neither completely natural nor fully human and as such stands at an equal distance between Man and God.⠀

Humans are makers of gardens just as they are tellers of stories.⠀