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Land Loss

Max Miechowski

24x29.5 cm 
96 pages
500 copies  
Soft cover / Swiss binding
Text by Daisy Hildyard
Design by Nicolas Polli
Published in October 2023
ISBN: 979-12-80177-30-8

38€ 35€
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Max Miechowski’s Land Loss follows the artist’s deep interest in the British landscape, exploring themes of time, community and resilience. These absorbing portraits, landscapes and delicate details are captured with Miechowski’s characteristic sensitivity, presenting a quiet space of contemplation. In the work, natural cycles and geological erosion act as gentle and sometimes abrupt reminders of loss and impermanence. As Miechowski learns by observing this seaside community, “we too are as temporary as the cliffs”. At a time of social and ecological upheaval, Land Loss reconnects us to the environment, and creates an extended metaphor where great uncertainty, compassion and care is carried by the landscape. Recalling his experience of visiting, photographing and witnessing this changing community.