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Lay Her Down Upon Her Back

Róisín White

200 Pages
12x18 cm
Soft cover
Design by Tommaso Tanini
Text by Benedetta Casagrande
Published in November 2023
Winner of Landskrona Foto & Breadfield Dummy Award  2022
ISBN 979-12-80177-35-3

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Bringing together the artist’s own photographs, found
archival material, handmade drawings, oral accounts
and extracts from literature, Lay Her Down Upon
Her Back looks at the history of medical mistreatment
and uneven power relations between male doctors and
female patients through a type of photography where
evidence itself plays the role of symptom. For both
in photography and in hysteria it is the surface that
carries meaning and depth, providing the space onto
which meaning plays out.

PHoto Espana book award 2024 - Shortlisted