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Iacopo Pasqui

136 Pages 
23x27 cm
Soft cover
Text by Attilio Gavini
Design by Federico Barbon
Published in October 2021
ISBN 979-12-80177-09-4

€35 €28
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Edition book + Print

"N " is a work that tells the duality of an Italian province and the link between this and a part of its inhabitants, in particular the generation of the thirty-year-olds. Young people with solid structures and formations that must confront (in a desperate search for the future and stability) with the dynamic provincials contemporary in which they are trapped, poised between going or staying, between the desire for a different future and the desire to not want to give up your country. Places where one is almost forced to live according to pre-established logics, dictated by a sort of rule superior that imposes a "normal" existence and prescribes "standard" behaviors, of a certain type of mentality: the perfect family, idyllic love, the annihilation of deep cultural values and the celebration of poor entertainment, the performance of a job without too many demands. Yeah, but what's normal?
Like a giant black hole, this place seems to suck. There is often a thin thread, sometimes imperceptible, but incredibly strong between a place of belonging and its inhabitants. And the ambitions? THE desires of growth for those who try to go out even slightly from the traditional existential patterns? The videos show that patina of apparent beauty as the dilated time of these places. The photographs instead, al equal radiographs, are a way to enter and observe what happens to the protagonists who live at the limits of a European suburb.