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Notes for a silent man

Emanuele Camerini

Edition of 250 copies  
Soft cover
76 pages
16 X 24 cm
Afterword by Giulia Ticozzi

Published in february 2016

Sold out

"This is a voyage of initiation.
It’s a story of the gradual acceptance of another part of the self, of the twin in mutation; in one word, it is about the new, in its manifold meanings.
The images were created on a singularly-focused journey that was undertaken to rediscover memories connected to the artist’s father. Through family photographs and his own dreamlike images, Camerini accesses his emotions and at the same time behaves like an archaeologist – the splinters of his own existence are buried in the deepest layers of his memory, and in order to reconstruct these memories, he travels again through the places of his childhood..."