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The body is a revelation as is landscape

Sofia Masini

96 Pages 
20x30 cm
spiral binding
Design by Tommaso Parrillo & Giulia Boccarossa
Text by Elisa Medde 
With the support of Collezione Donata Pizzi
Published in October 2023
ISBN 979-12-80177-31-5

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"In Sofia Masini’s work the revelation of body and landscape is a dance, a back and forth between two bodies, but also between photography and sculpture and performance. Here there is no complete fusion and reunion. The artist engages in what happens before the complete reunion - she highlights the shedding, the conflict and the hardship of the process, the search for a unity that is in sight, but not yet happening. Her body dances with rocks, between the thirst of desolation and the untameable force of powerful waters, is scarred, fragmented and reconstructed, different, as the morphing process is ongoing. It is a beginning with no end, and activation of a new archive, a search for different equilibriums - the revelation of its traces.”

Excerpt form the text “The body is a revelation as is landscape” by Elisa Medde

PHoto Espana book award 2024 - Shortlisted

Press & Review
C4 Journal
Il Foglio