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Works for a Cosmic Feeling

Fabio Barile

288 Pages
18x29 cm
Soft cover
Design by Etaoin Shrdlu Studio
Text by Elisa Medde
With the support of Matèria
Published in April 2024
ISBN 979-12-80177-38-4

37€ 32€
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expected shipments May 2024

The images in this book, collected under the title Works for a Cosmic Feeling, create a map, and an ode at the same time. They map out the universe of the author, the constellations that guide him and inspire his wonderings, the pathways and crossroads where he gets lost and finds himself back again. Just like god and the devil being hidden in details, Barile’s images oscillate in a constant flux of conscience, a rigorous yet abstract system of reference that includes and connects, builds and constantly destroys. There are no certainties nor statements, rather associations, at times vertigo. Just like in a quantum system, the narratives included are drenched in probability and chance. Nature is what encompasses all things, whether dissected in its traces and remains or triumphant in its decadence and complexity.