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Ear/Eye is a new Witty Books project aimed at creating a dialogue between a visual artist and a sound artist through the publication of limited edition audio cassette + book.

  • Who is eligible to participate in the Ear/eye award call?
    The open call is addressed to visual artists and sound artists interested
    in creating a dialogue between these two art forms.
  • Do artists have to submit their works as already paired?
    No, this is not necessary. It is also possible to submit a single
    visual arts entry or a single music entry. The idea is to create a
    spontaneous dialogue between two different artists. At the same time, artists that already work together are welcome to apply.
  • Must the projects submitted be unpublished?
    Yes we prefer to publish two unpublished works.
  • How to apply
    Send your proposal to info@witty-books.com: in PDF for the visual content;  mp3 tracks or bandcamp link for the sound content.
    Specifying in the email's subject "ear/eye award 2024".
    No graphic design project needed to apply.
  • Deadline
    30th May.
  • Winners will be announced in June. The publication will be released starting from Fall 2024.

Ear eye is the experimental project of Witty Books;  number of copies, design and other technical characteristics will be decided based on the project and can vary from 150 to 500 copies. Printing costs will be entirely covered by Witty Books,
the authors must provide the final files ready for printing. The authors will receive a percentage of copies of the double publication.

Past winners

︎ Talita Otović + Zoé Chauvet
Winners of Ear/eye award 2022

︎ Jacopo Benassi + Larsen
Winners of Ear/eye award 2021
︎ Brad Feuerhelm + Nun Gun
Winners of Ear/eye award 2020