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Ear/Eye is a new series of publication for Witty Books, which aims to create a dialogue between a visual artist and a musical artist, through the a limited edition publication of an audio cassette + book.

We launch an open call direct to visual and music artists who would like to relate two forms of arts.

The winners of the Ear/eye award 2020 is Nun Gun with the project Mondo Decay

Nun Gun is a band comprised of artist Brad Feuerhelm and musicians Lee Tesche and Ryan Mahan from the band Algiers. Experimental in form, the project Mondo Decay refers to the group's use of Italian Mondo Cannibal Films of the 70s and 80s. The original soundtracks of these films have been enlisted, changed and mutated from such classic films as Cannibal Ferox, Cannibal Holocaust and Zombi. The experimental form of the
work is in its slowed and broken down examination of the original soundtracks.
The group have engineered a "Goth N' Screwed" version of the material based largely on Houston's DJ Screw's model of similar repute. The photographic images included by Feuerhelm offer a further note on what an accelerated post-industrial world of  fragmentized urbanity could look like. The exoticism found in original Mondo films has been subverted to look at the failings of capitalism in the West instead of the "savage" tropical climes as employed by the genre's directors. Nun Gun purports to flip the lens on what is exotic now and what life feels like under the extended lockdown and racialized moment.

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